Services and products

CEP reports can be accessed through the CEP Catalogue. The types of report available are summarised below.

  • Evidence reviews provide a synopsis of clinical and economic evidence.
  • Evaluation reports present the findings of clinical, technical, ergonomic, and/or user evaluations.
  • Economic reports analyse the economic impact of introducing an innovative medical device or using an established device in an innovative way. They can include Interactive tools (allowing users to calculate costs), full life costing, and patient pathway analysis.
  • Buyers' guides offer generic guidance for purchasers and specifiers of medical devices in established markets. Product-specific information is given in associated market reviews or evaluation reports.
  • Market reviews provide product-specific information on ranges of medical devices in established markets, supporting buyers’ guides.
  • Protocols are evaluation methodologies intended to facilitate high-quality local evaluations of medical devices.
  • Other reports including comparative specifications, assessment tools and interactive models.