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Report NoTitleReport TypeAbstractPublished
Catalogue CEP catalogue of reportsOther reports 06/04/2010
CEP10063-I Home haemodialysis devicesOther reports 31/03/2010
CEP10036-I Procalcitonin assaysOther reports 31/03/2010
CEP10002-I Rapid tests for tetanus immunityOther reports 30/03/2010
CEP10058 Supply of radiopharmaceuticals for PET-CTOther reports 29/03/2010
CEP10019-I Ultrasound for wound managementOther reports 26/03/2010
CEP09041-I CalprotectinOther reports 10/02/2010
CEP08028 Comparative specifications: > 64 slice CT scannersOther reports 07/07/2009
CEP08025 Comparative specifications: 16 slice CT scannersOther reports 07/07/2009
CEP08026 Comparative specifications: 32 - 40 slice CT scannersOther reports 07/07/2009
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